How Well Do Kinect Voice Controls Work In Australia?

How Well Do Kinect Voice Controls Work In Australia?

After a minor release hiccup, the new Xbox dashboard has been released for Xbox 360 owners around the world, bringing with it the ability to control the console with you horrible ocker accent. But how well does it work?

I played around with voice controls for the better part of an hour last night, and it worked well, for the most part. It almost always registered when I initiated the controls by saying “Xbox”, but there was a few occasions when I had to repeat myself a few times to get the Xbox to obey its commands. I did notice that there was a little bit of background noise during one of those occasions, which possibly could have caused the console to rebel against its master.

There were still the odd areas voice control wouldn’t work – I could use it to launch Twitter, but not Facebook, for example – but overall I was pretty impressed. I’m keen to see how well it integrates into iView and SBS On Demand later this month, but until then think I will probably use it pretty frequently.

How did everyone else find it worked? Did your Aussie accent pose any problems?

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