Greyhound Can Remotely Kill Your Bus

Stealing a Greygound coach in the US looks like a particularly dumb idea. Beyond the prospect of a beheading, the company can shut your joyride down from Greyhound HQ.

The revelation popped up when one fellow tried to make a run for his pal's place in Syracuse via busjacking. All was going well until "Greyhound disabled the wayward coach electronically," the NY Daily News reports. Cool! But also, what?

It's nice to know Greyhound could stop a hijacking in the unlikely event that a terrorist plans to ram a dingy bus into a nuclear plant or something, but the fact that it can remotely stop one of its vehicle in transit is a little disconcerting. Doesn't this seem highly dangerous? What if a coach were killed by accident? Our call to Greyhound corporate hasn't been returned. [NYDN via NY Mag]

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