Great Gadget Gifts For Under $50

Your family seems to be growing at an exponential rate, which means more and more people to buy Christmas gifts for every year. Good thing you can grab plenty of awesome gadgety goodness for under fifty bucks. Here are our picks.

Victorinox Swisscard Lite

Price: $43 When I was a kid, carrying a Swiss Army Knife around was a standard rite of growing up. Today, not so much. Fortunately, the Swisscard Lite is like the Swiss Army Knife for the modern man, offering a range of key tools in a slim, credit card form factor that you can carry with you everywhere. Well, maybe not airports, but you get the idea. It includes everything from a blade to scissors, tweezers, screwdrivers and a magnifying glass. [OzGadgets]


Price: $35 Bring your video games out into the real world. AppBlaster is an augmented reality gaming experience with your iPhone, giving you a real world, three dimensional battlefield to play in. The accessory locks your iPhone into place, and interacts with the touchscreen to help you fight off a horde of alien invaders. Hours of fun for any age. [KMart]

Dr Who Mid Air Spinning Tardis

Price: $50 Okay, we're not entirely sure what this does. Does it travel through time millions of times per second? Is it magical? Or is it just a cool little desktop accessory that magnetically hangs in mid air, spinning around on your desk to remind you that you are not, in fact, The Doctor? It's the latter, obviously, but that's what makes it a great gift for any Dr. Who fan. [Latestbuy]

Air Swimming Fish

Price: $50 Sharks! In the air! They're coming right for us! WE'RE ALL DOOMED!!!! At least, that's what your friends and enemies alike will be saying as you steer these remote controlled underwater animals through the air. If it's good enough for Gizmodo, it's good enough for you and your gift recipients. [Latestbuy]

Batman Money Clip

Price: $US40 You will never be Bruce Wayne. Sorry for the truth bomb there, but it's time you came to grips with the reality of the situation. That said, just because your dreams of being a playboy billionaire who moonlights as a superhero have been shot, it doesn't mean you can't carry around your small wad of cash in style. This ThinkGeek Batman money clip is the best way to do just that. [Thinkgeek]



    I have the Spinning Tardis. It basically floats in a magnetic field so if you give it a spin, it will spin for ages, otherwise it just sits there and levitates.. Blowing on the edge of the Tardis makes it go extremely fast...but do the person a favour and get the AC power adapter. If they are a Dr Who fan I'm assuming they'd want the Tardis to work for more than a day which is literally as long as the AA batteries will.

    If this is the best you can get for $50 then we're all doomed.

      'Doomed' might be a slight over-reaction!! But yeah, not thrilled by the offerings listed here.

    For a bloke, hire two $20 strippers and give him the $10 for a pint afterwards
    For a sheila, the $50 automated-sammich-topper (which places the top slice of bread on the sammich for you) will be a surefire hit ;)

    Air shark looks fun but I'm looking at USB powered mini fridges that are the perfect size for a can of drink.

    Unfortunately my local Officeworks is out of these now so if anyone knows where else I could grab some please let me know.

      What the hell is a sammich??!!

        Something that toothless rednecks or those from "Penrif" eat for breakfast.

      Are these usb-powered mini fridges actually any good? I've been hearing varying stories ranging from "They're terrific" to "They make your cold drink warm".

      Having tried a usb-powered heated socks before and being incredibly underwhelmed by the results I wonder how effective these things can be. It seems that 5V 500mA just isn't enough power to make it more useful beyond powering external hard drives and charging mobile phones.

    Considering the panning the blow up shark got recently, I don't think it should even be there, don't forget the crappy components and the lack of actual helium! Forty dollars for a money clip, bloody hell, just give him the money!

    Two of those products aren't actually under $50.

    Okay, my boyfriend is a nerd and a half (like me), and he'd love something like the Dr Who Mid Air Spinning Tardis, however he isn't a fan of Dr Who...

    Anyone know of something that is a similar concept (the levitating/magnetic kind of thing) but more simple? Say, perhaps a big silver ball, or just something not related to anything in particular (TV show, movies, etc).

    Cheers guys!

    hi just wondering if the mi band is available to purchase in Australia ?

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