Gizmodo Gallery Takes Over New York!

Gizmodo Gallery Takes Over New York!

How did the Gizmodo US team kick off their week-long exhibition of the coolest gadgets and tech ideas? With tech royalty of course: Wozniak himself! Not to mention the likes of DJ Spooky, DJ Whoo Kid and a Nerf warfare. Video!

He drank a few beers, talked gadget lust with Giz staff, signed autographs, and even walked team through the guts of his original Apple Macintosh.

Then there was the Nerf Blasters. The team had promised readers the chance to shoot them in the face and on the coldest, rainiest, grossest night in weeks, you American Gizmodians lined up down the block for the opportunity. Awesome.

VH1 correspondent and comedienne Michelle Collins visited the 2011 Gizmodo Gallery for VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live. Here’s her live cross:

If you happen to be headed to NY before the end of the week — you’ll find the Gizmodo Gallery 2011 @ White Box, 329 Broome Street. New York, NY, 10002.