Gifts For The Perpetual Nomad

Gifts For The Perpetual Nomad

Whether they travel to find work, find relaxation, or just find themselves, here are 10 gifts that will make the journey a bit easier for the perpetual nomad who considers the entire world their real home.

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1. Monster Cable Outlets To Go

Whether I’m waiting in an airport lounge or working in a hotel room, the one thing I consistently run out of when travelling is available power outlets. So the first thing I always pack before a trip is a power bar, and Monster Cable’s Outlets To Go not only expands a single outlet into three, but its short cable wraps around itself for easy transport. And unlike the company’s other offerings, it’s very reasonably priced. US$20 [Monster Cable]

2. Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

A big part of travelling is trying new foods and restaurants, but that sketchy diner may not turn out to be a diamond in the rough. So if you know someone who fancies themselves an epicurean, this Mobile Foodie Survival Kit wraps a collection of 13 organic herbs and spices — including basil, curry, dill, and garlic — in a portable tube ensuring they always have a boost of flavour whenever it’s needed. It works great at family dinners too, though, discretion is highly advised. US$26 [Flight 001]

3. Duracell Instant USB Charger

Sometimes finding even a single power outlet when travelling is a challenge, but you don’t want to be weighed down with heavy backup batteries either. So Duracell’s Instant USB Charger is a nice compromise.

It’s thin, light, and compact, while still packing an 1,150mAh battery providing up to 35 extra hours of runtime for USB-charged devices like smartphones. It’s not going to do much for a laptop or a tablet, but it should satisfy someone’s basic power needs until they return to civilisation. US$22 [Duracell]

4. Scottevest Fleece 5.0 Jacket

There’s no garment more useful for travelling than a fleece jacket. It can be worn day or night in all kinds of temperatures and weather, but somehow Scottevest has managed to make them even more useful with their Fleece 5.0 Jacket.

In addition to 24 pockets that can hold everything from personal effects, to travel documents, to phones and tablets, the jacket includes hidden cable routing allowing the wearer to discretely interconnect their stowed devices. It’s almost like a suitcase you can wear, minus the uncomfortable telescoping handle. US$140 [Scottevest]

5. Phosphor World Time Sport Watch

It’s another piece of technology that’s almost been completely replaced by smartphones, but a dedicated watch is still a handy accessory for someone constantly on the road. Phosphor’s latest all-weather model uses a power-sipping e-ink screen that can display multiple time zones at once, serving as a handy reminder of just where the hell you are when waking up in a different part of the world. US$99 [Art Technology Ltd.]

6. Timberland Radler Trail Camp Shoes

Like the Boyscouts, being prepared for any situation while away from home is important. And packing an extra pair of shoes is a must for a long trip. Timberland now makes that particularly easy with their Radler Trail Camps. A lightweight water-repellant outer fabric combined with fleece on the inside makes them ideal for wearing in any weather conditions. And for easy packing the shoes fold in half and zip into themselves so they take up a minimal amount of space in your luggage. US$65 [Timberland]

7. Stelton Simply Espresso

Even if someone takes the ‘que sera, sera’ approach to travelling and ends up spending the night on an uncomfortable couch, they can still ensure they’re starting the day off right with a quality cup of joe. Instead of requiring manual effort which can be hard to muster in the morn, Stelton’s Simply Espresso machine is battery powered, heating water and producing a cup of wake-up juice in less than a minute.

It’s still not as easy as letting a Starbucks’ barista do the work for you, but this solution doesn’t even require a weary traveller to get out of bed. An ideal compromise if you haven’t had the best night’s sleep. US$267 [Stelton]

8. Traveler’s Phrasebook Tee

Smartphones have all but completely replaced dedicated translators and phrase books, but they still can’t compete with the simple but effective design of this Traveler’s Phrasebook tee. Trying to find the nearest bathroom, airport or hospital? Instead of flailing your arms about in an attempt to pantomime your question, you simply need to point at the appropriate universal symbol on your chest and the locals should be able to figure out what you’re looking for. US$31 [Art Lebedev]

9. GoToob Squeeze Bottles

Most travellers don’t give their toiletry containers a second thought, until they discover the GoToobs. The use of soft silicone makes it easy to squeeze every last drop out of these carry-on approved tubes, while a removable no-drip cap reveals a large opening making them easy to fill and clean.

And while it seems like a simple addition, the inclusion of a suction cup on the side makes them easy to secure within reach no matter where you’re showering. US$20 (for 3) [Humangear]

10. Live Luggage Powered Suitcase

Like travelling with an attentive valet minding your suitcase the entire time, the Live Luggage bags are ergonomically designed to shift the weight onto the wheels instead of your arms and back. They also feature compact electric motors built into the wheels providing powered assistance making it easier to drag a heavy suitcase up gradients, steps, and across long distances. A weary traveller still has to do some of the work, but the extra help will surely be appreciated. US$775 [Live Luggage]

Still haven’t found the right present? Don’t worry, we’re here all month with a new gift guide every day — right up until the last minute. To see ‘em all, head on over to the special Gizmodo Australia Gift Guides section.