Gas Mask-Wearing Jogger Scares Bomb Squad

Hey man, how's it going? Just getting some exercise in. You know, running, lifting, jamming packages into mailboxes while wearing a gas mask and body armour, then hurrying away before the bomb squad shows up to explode my stuff.

So here's what happened: Yesterday morning, a post office customer saw a man in what appeared to be a gas mask and body armour stuffing a package into a mailbox and then running away. So, um, yeah — call the bomb squad there. Prudent choice. Except the masked man was just a university student doing an eccentric brand of cardio, and the package was actually just a bunch of calendars. The bomb squad and its robot bomb detector didn't know that, though, and when x-rays were no help, they had to resort to detonating the package. Boom go the calendars.

The masked and sweaty student was 20-year-old Long Hoang. He heard about the incident from his friends, who know about his Ghost Recon training apparel, started bombarding him with messages asking if it was him. Sure was! He called the police to let them know what happened, but remained confused about how anyone would have mistaken his outfit for something dangerous. He planned to stop running by the post office, though, and said from now on he'd just drive his tank over and shoot his packages into the mailbox with an RPG launcher. [Mercury News]

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