Galaxy Nexus Users Can Now Get A Better Battery

The Galaxy Nexus is a wonderful phone. But what makes it great — namely, that 4.65" Super AMOLED Plus display — also means the battery doesn't last long. Now there's an answer.

Samsung just launched an extended battery pack and cover bundle specifically for the Galaxy Nexus. It includes a 2100mAh extended battery — which should keep you going, oooh, at least the whole day, if not into a second. The replacement covers are to accommodate the slightly bulkier size. The bundle costs $US49.99 and is available now.

The big problem with most modern smartphones is battery life, so $US50 to improve it isn't too bad at all. It does make me wonder why Samsung doesn't include the 2100mAh unit as standard, though. [Samsung via TechCrunch]


    Silly me to take for granted that you could do this with any smartphone...

      Well... If you're using an iPhone, you really can't do this, short of stuffing it in one of those unsightly thick 'battery cases.' Plus, this is a licensed, larger-capacity battery from Samsung itself, which isn't very common.

    What's the capacity of the regular bundled battery that comes with the phone? was it 1600?

      1750 mAh

      It's not a bad phone for battery. Mine easily lasts the whole day, and then some (depending on if I use it for gaming etc). But if you're in the market for a second battery eg. for travelling, this is a great option.

      $50 isn't bad at all for a larger battery, I wouldn't touch el cheapo 3rd party batteries with a phone.

    Maybe it's just me, but I've just but my Galaxy Nexus on charge after 2 days and 17 hours with 13% charge left.
    Maybe because I don't live 100% of my life on my phone, it lasts longer.
    I'll still be buying this battery and cover though :D

    How frightening this must seem to the inoobs.

    A lot of people seem to forget that batteries need to be built specifically for this phone due to its need for the NFC chip token to be recognised.
    The NFC chip is on the battery not in the phone,

      No, the chip is on the motherboard, but the antenna is on the battery. This is because if the antenna was on the other side, the battery would get in the way of the NFC signals, and we'd be swiping our phones with the screen facing the NFC tag/device, and thus we wouldn't see the relevant information without turning the phone around.

    Looks like the larger battery has nfc as well.

    This was the battery mentioned in the rumourd phone specs before the officials were announced. I was a bit bummed to find out they didn't include this battery in the final specs.

    but its good you now have the option.

    I believe this does not fit in the GSM Galaxy Nexus, just the 4G Galaxy Nexus (hence why the picture has the Verizon logo on the back cover). Note to Australian GSM users, don't buy it!
    Check out the Accessories thread on XDA for more details.

    Nate: Second that! Don't buy this extended battery if you have a GSM GNexus. It won't fit. The battery size is different. As well as the clips for the phone cover. You'll find that it just won't work, and then you'll have to sell it.
    Jamie: Would you care to update this article to mention the differences in the models so people don't buy this when it's not applicable...
    Check this thread for more details and a photo comparison:

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