Gadget Of The Year: Gizmodo Awards 2011

Gadget Of The Year: Gizmodo Awards 2011

This is it. The big one. Two weeks ago we asked for nominations, A week ago we asked you to vote. Now, we’re revealing the winners. [Begins drum roll…]

Samsung Galaxy S II and Apple iPad 2

That’s right, it was a dead heat! Both devices took 26.92 per cent of your vote! Let’s review then shall we?

Hollywood loves a sequel, and it appears that you do to; the two clear lead vote getters in this category were the followup to the original Samsung Galaxy and the followup to the original Apple iPad.

There’s some irony that the two most popular gadgets were manufactured by two companies that spent a large part of the year in legal battles as well.

The iPad 2 informed a lot of the tablet market throughout the year, commanded a healthy lead in the sales figures and largely showed the rest how it was done. Meanwhile, coming in third with 13.08 per cent was the Macbook Air.