For Sale: Giant Slinky Suit, Like New Condition — $US1,000,000

Just think of the good you could do with $US1 million in disposable cash. You could help charities, be the ultimate Secret Santa, even start your own orphanarium. Of you could buy the Veniamin Human Slinky costume on eBay. Decisions, decisions.

Granted, you aren't just buying a giant slinky suit for a million bucks -- that would be preposterous -- you are also allowed to perform the Human Slinky act exclusively worldwide for five years. After that point, you'll only be able to wear the suit to private parties and the like. The suit and act was originally developed by Romanian artist Veniamin. [eBay via Technabob]


    "orphanarium" WTF?

    Ah..yeah. I love my orpananiam! It sits next to my terrarium. They're so cute. sometimes I take them out and make then try to splat fake ants on my iPad. (if I owned one which will never happen now that apply has retired from electronics manufacturer to become a legal firm).

    Please Giz!Please allow us to get in and edit our comments when our fingers type too fast for our brain to proof read.
    Or do you get some sort of perverted pleasure out of this basic power you withhold from your commentors?

    It's like ironman, only gay!

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