Facebook Sex, Physicists And Stuff We Didn't Post

Today's borderline tidbits include Physicists thinking they can guess your next purchase and this fun fact: 3 per cent of people Facebook during Sex. What?

3% of People Facebook During Sex

1. Not buying it. 2. Is "Facebook" a verb yet? Is it too late to make it not one? I would prefer we keep it a noun. A proper noun, specifically. That is what I would like to see in terms of Facebook and grammar. 3. Seriously, not buying it. [Technorati]

RIM's PlayBook Anti-Jailbreak Patch Comedically Easy to Unpatch

RIM lept to the defence of its PlayBook in the form of an anti-jailbreak patch recently, which was summarily shredded in under 24 hours with a single command line task. The moat was shallow, m'lord, and filled with guppies. [Electronista]

Physicists Think They Can Guess Your Next Purchase

Something tells me that if that actually worked we'd be seeing a lot more physicists jumping over to Apple and Chanel and, I dunno, Wendy's about now, wouldn't we? Yes sure just go with it. [Technology Review]

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