British PM Could Get iPad App To Track UK Stats

David Cameron – he who loves iPad games and considered banning social networks during the riots – has reportedly commissioned a purpose-built iPad app to help him track stats like crime, unemployment, medical waiting lists and more. And interestingly, it could be made public.

GigaOm says it has a separate source who confirms the report in The Times, despite the BBC being uncertain and TechCrunch calling it "idle chatter".

Apparently the idea for Cameron's one-stop, real-time data dashboard came while his advisors were on a trip to the US. Speculation suggests the app has already been in development for a couple of months.

It definitely wouldn’t be light reading, but I think I’d check it out. I imagine it would look something like Zite or Flipboard mixed with Google Analytics and Geckoboard. We shall see soon enough. [GigaOm]

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