Bearded Dragons Are Better Gamers Than Your Stupid Cat

Oh look at you with your finger trying to play a game on your smartphone. Bearded dragons play games with their tongue and they will destroy your high score.

We've seen dogs, kittens, and sorta of stupid babies playing games on a touch screen. None of them actually accomplish anything. Today's kinda-cute animal with a smartphone is a bearded dragon battling insects, and winning!

Let's see your corgi do that. [Metro via The Daily What]


    I never knew a lizard could look so adorable.

    I had gekko's camp out on my monitor for flying bugs that hit the screen.. and then would take a drink from my cold glass of coke (the condensation).

    sometimes i would play with them.... via the pointer on screen.

    haha he is so cool, I love how he keeps looking up at the cameraman ; D

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