Real Party Dudes Wear This Subwoofer Vest

Ghost-busting proton packs be damned, this is what the cool kids of the future will be packing when our society is completely overtaken by the need for aural pleasure. It might shake your internal organs loose from their organic bindings, and everyone around you might be too busy dancing to music of your making to render medical assistance, but hey, at least you'll die happy (and well-tenderised).

This rather radical article of clothing merges a set of motorcycle speakers with a Boss BASS900 subwoofer (RRP $US189) and a Dainese Gilet Cali Tessuto vest ($US299). The seller wants $US850 for it (not including shipping), so that leaves $US488 for the speakers and labour. It also comes with a belt of rechargeable batteries, but there's no word on how long the audio combo would last for on a full charge.

Sadly, for those keen on the vest, it doesn't look like the seller is willing to ship it outside the US. If you're desperate, I'm sure you can contact him directly and work something out.

[Etsy, via Geekologie]

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