Awesome NASA Video Captures What Looks Like An Alien Spaceship [Update]

A camera on board NASA's STEREO A satellite seems to have captured video of an unknown object that looks like an actual spaceship. The unknown object appeared when a Sun's coronal mass ejection (CME) reached planet Mercury. Watch the video and judge by yourself.

Update: Whatever it is, it appears on the images taken by STEREO twin satellite too. Check out the new video, taken at the same time, taken from the opposite side of the action.

Make sure to run the video at full screen.

What is happening in the video?

The video shows a coronal mass ejection coming from the sun and reaching the planet Mercury. Coronal mass ejections are massive explosions of solar wind, radiation and magnetic fields that go well beyond the solar corona, deep into space. They are so big that sometimes they reach Earth.

You can see the gigantic solar wave reaching Mercury but, just as it goes through, something else becomes visible: a very angular shape that seems to be formed by two separate objects joined together. It looks as if the CME wave reveals a volume on impact, interacting with it.

You know, like a cloaked Klingon Birth of Prey revealed by the sun's radioactive fury.

What captured the images?

The images -- found by YouTube user siniXster in the US Navy's SECCHI site -- were captured by the heliospheric imagers HI-1A on board of one the Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatories: STEREO A.

The twin STEREO spaceships were launched on October 26, 2006. They are rotating around the sun, studying its surface and activity. They are also part of an early warning system that alerts scientists in case a CME is so strong that it may gravely disrupt satellites orbiting Earth. That's why the US Navy participates in the mission.

The heliospheric imagers are part of Sun Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation (SECCHI), a ground of five cameras: a telescope that works on extreme ultraviolet, two white-light coronagraphs and the two heliospheric imagers, HI1 and HI2.

Update: The heliospheric imager from STEREO B also shows the same thing. See below.

When was it captured?

The video shows a period of 24 hours captured on December 1st, 2011. It's made of 36 frames in total. I have repeated the 36 frames at different speeds (10 frames per second and 2 frames per second) so you can better appreciate the object and how the CME appears to interact with it.

What is that thing?

This is going to be a question for debate between scientists and ufologists.

It could very well be a glitch on the sensor, a ghost image from the planet Mercury itself. If you pay close attention, you can see that the two lines follow the same direction that the planet does. But if it's a ghost image, why does it end so abruptly? How is it so well delimited? Why does it look like a spaceship?

The answer, according to Nathan Rich, lead ground system engineer at the United States Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, is in the way the images are post-processed.

Talking to Life's Little Mysteries' Natalie Wolchover, Rich said that these are "artifacts in the background where the planet was on the previous day" which then show up as residual pixels in the processed image:

The pixels which form the two parallel lines are where the circle from the planet and the bleeding pixels (cross-like features) overlap as it progresses across the field.

That seems to make a lot more sense than a cloaked alien mothership almost as big as a little planet.

In any case, Scully, I want to believe.

Update: Video from second satellite

This video shows the frames from the HI-1B camera, taken at the same time. This camera is in another spacecraft in a different position, opposite to the HI-1A.

Original source images: SECCHI

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    Enterprise if ever i saw it.

      Trekkie, thats not a spaceship it's a space station

        its too big to be a space station

      Solomon Shiloh Machammaddim
      It is the quasar nucleus of the sun. when the quasar leaves the sun, it starts to extinguish. it shows an ice age on earth. Also it is what called marduk, mary-dock, the dock of the HS: mary dock, which is on the way to the earth for the messiah shiloh.
      muzaffer katar

    Weather balloon. For sure.

      haha, great call.

      Hahahah, most definitely a weather balloon. I love how religion got dragged into this. So many laffs.

    oh yeah, because James Freud over here is the definitive expert on alien existence.

    Hmm, the whole shape of the bright blob plus the surrounding faded blob over it sort of forms an extremely similar shaper to Mercury, so the explanation about artefacts is correct.

    Whenever the real thing is encountered, humans will say this must be something else than aliens. Humans will never believe in the aliens even if they see them in clear view encounter as if denial is the rule. Stick ti science and see.

    I you beleive we are the only ones in the universe then math sais your wrong but The image is probly gases in space igniting. we are not worth traveling hundreds or thousands of light years to check out.

    No one can guarantee Earth will be safe for another 1000 years.

    If human do continue developing in next million years, eventually we will and have to build a spaceship as big as the Mercury or at least moon size, so human life can continue on the universe. The spaceship should be able to gather energy by travelling closer to a sun like star, and then moves on and on, and keep running away from possible dangers.

      No one can guarantee life will be here tomorrow, there are too many natural occurrences that could potential end human life.

    One could only hope it's aliens, of course it most likely isn't; still you can only hope.

    damn. Michael bay is going to bake a movie about this.

      I'd pay to see helicopters in space.

    weird how people think they are so much more than what we actually are, in terms of universe. and choose to believe aliens? well.

    if someone believe there is could be a primate wearing mid-east cloth walking the surface of Mars, they will believe the Alien idea for sure.

      Do you have any idea how big the universe is?
      It would be simply idiotic to dismiss the idea of other life in the universe on no basis, have you heard of the Drake equation? It's a mathematical equation that is used to estimate the number of detectable extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy.

      The equation estimates there are about 10 other civilization in our galaxy alone, whether they possess the technology to communicate is a completely different matter.

      Now this is just in our galaxy, a completely small percentile of the complete universe and although chances are the human civilization won't make contact with ET's any time soon if at all - to say they don't exist is completely native and idiotic.

      Also, regarding your picture: It most likely looks like weird rock formation with a timely shadow.

      All the non believers keep looking at this face on mars while the rest of us who believe it's probable alien life exists have moved past that face... However, as we can see it from new angles, we can tell it's most liekely a natural formation, however it did point out a wonderful feature of our brain, it's ability to recognize faces in other objects... Nothing alien about it tho.

    well then mars has a ufo too because in the second video the same thing happens next to mars at the exact same time, but on the other side of mars.


      Nothing to see here people

      Hate to burst your bubble, but that flare didn't reach Mars.

        No it didnt. But you can see Mars in the second video and it also has a ghostly shape on the other side of it, suggesting that its some sort of visual effect.

      +1 Good catch.

    This is an example of the coronal mass ejection interacting with magnetic field of Mercury. The bright area is plasma. Idiots.

    Looks like the solar wind just blew these aliens bastards cloaking screen off. That's what you get! We see you now, bring it!

      Will Smith is ready.

    You can tell how it's just excited protons from that massive amount of energy. It's probably got something to do with the particles reacting to the atmosphere of mercury causing a flash of protons to wrap around the planet. The effect of the 2 seperate objects forming the mass is due to the planet itself sheilding the protons.

    Wow, there's a LOT of misinformation in the comments here. The truth is we still aren't sure exactly how common life is in the universe yet, since so far we're the only life we know of. There are things like the drake equation that could potentially calculate the amount of the life in the universe, but scientists have yet to agree on the values of the variables in the equation, so it could be anywhere between 10 to 10000 other civilizations out there right now. Other (single cell) life is seeming more likely as we find more and more bacteria on earth living in harsh conditions where we previously thought life could not exist, but the truth of the matter is until we find something solid we just don't know how common life is, whether the galaxy is teaming with it or if we're a freak one-off occurance is still up in the air.

      Yup.. the old "The chance of life on another planet is the same chance as life on this planet" arguement is to simple and doesn't take into account the near infinite amount of possibilities of divergence out their. Sure.. there could be a sun that is the exact same dimensions in terms of construction, size, chemicals/materials etc etc.. but it's very unlikely that there will be one that is identicial or even close enough to being similar.

      If the universe was a little more uniform then yes, there'd be some greater chance of there being life out there that is within the boundaries of "life as we know it". I would like to err on the side that there is life out there, somewhere.. evolution is evolution afterall.. primordial amoeba given the same basic choices by their environments etc etc.. onward and upward through the evolution of the divergent species.. but to say in a definite way that there are bipedal forms of life is as arrogant as it is to say that there is no life at all.

    Klingon Birth of Prey, huh? Sounds interesting...

    It flares at exactly the same points in time as Mercury in the video..

    Lens artifact. Aliens don't exist. People who think they do are stupid, hippies, or both.

      People who don't think there is life somewhere out there are the stupid people, I am sure most people at Nasa would agree.

      Your the bloody hippy mate. 100+ billion stars in our galaxy, 100+ billion galaxies in the universe.. So hmm.. 10000+ billion solar systems.. Yep no chance a of a planet capable of supporting life.. Get over yourself

        I can't prove that aliens exist. Can you? NASA, after many decades of scanning millions of radio frequencies for any sort of pattern that could be transmitted by an intelligence, can't either.

        Maybe I should qualify because you seem a little slow on certain concepts. *Outside of Hollywood* <--- (qualifie) aliens don't exist. Can we get on with business now?

    Hahaha you pitiful humans, think that you are the only ones in this universe.

    Ron - Religion is the bane of society, the cause of the Crusades, the protectors of child-molesters, the lovers of suicide bombers.
    You're not any more evolved or nicer than the non-religious. You're an increasingly irrelevant group whose only option is to change their own fairy tales because they know they're just feeding crap to the unthinking masses.

    Oh, remind me of the last non-religious person to do something close to what Anders Behring Breivik did.

      oo reply fail.

      +1 to that. Religion does more harm than good.

      The sooner aliens descend from the sky (peaceful ones hopefully) and blow religious rhetoric out of the water the better!

      I'm sick of people using god to explain what they don't yet understand, and committing atrocities in his/her/its name.

        What if it's Scientology? Don't they believe in aliens of some sort?

      "Religion is the bane of society" this comment only shows how you are either a) Young and Dumb or b) Just dumb.

      Society is made up many elements that interact with each other to form a mass of cultures and experiences, expectations and elevations of respect and belonging.

      saying something is the 'bane' of it means that YOU consider it to be. It is impossible for something to be the 'bane' of society just like it is impossible for it to be a 'bad' day (it is relative).

      so if you keep having a go at religion and personally attacking it, expect the same in return.

        Umm you attack me because I wrote an opinion where your issue is that it was my opinion? And you have the gall to call me dumb?

        I'm very sorry you believe in your all powerful invisible friend and that you feel the need to defend him because he seemingly cannot (despite being all-powerful), but guess what, people don't believe in God, in fact A LOT of people don't. Get over it.

          First off i was saying you were dumb because you use your opinion to say that others opinions are wrong and is your opinion.

          i am not saying you are dumb because you dont believe in god, where as you would say that i was dumb because i do believe in god.

          It is my opinion that using your opinion of someone else's opinion to justifiy your opinion is stupid, and doesnt make sense.

          it is like saying, "i think you are stupid because you believe in god, and anyone who believes in god is stupid, AND because you are stupid it means i am right and thus i can say that you are stupid".

          which is what you did.

          I would say something like this: "I am a christian and it is your right to choose what you believe."
          On the other issue...

          quote: "you feel the need to defend him because he seemingly cannot (despite being all-powerful)"

          God does not need defending, he gave us the right to choose what we believe. you are exercising that right, just like i am.

          if you want to believe that then go ahead. I hope that you are right and i am wrong, because if it turns out that i am right....

            what I hate about religion is this..... when people say "God said this...." "god did that...." "Jesus said this...." etc....................did they? did they REALY?...... where you there? where the people who told you that story or where to find it there? no-- they weren't, they heard it from people before them and so on and so forth, no one can possibly know the motives of the people who wrote these stories (which were usually written far later than when the event occured{apparently} can I say there is no god? no because there is no way to know and simillarly I canot proclaim there is one. these religious insitutions need to stop dealing in absolutes. also they pick and choose what is relevant and what isnt.... Im sorry but if this bible is truly the word of god, shouldnt you follow ALL that is written.... like stoning your children for speaking against you. "Oh no .... thats not relevant" seems to me that this is down to mans interpretation and not "gods" how convienient!. also most paritioners wouldn't have a clue that half the stories written in the bible are actually sumerian tales, and whos people didn't even worship the current "god" at all.

            written by man, interpreted my man, re written, reinterpreted over and over.... then blindly followed as "THE WORD OF GOD"

    Thats' no moon...

      and thats WERE! dammit WERE!!!!!!!

    Let's ask Giorgio Tsoukalos:

    it's just a flash of protons that wrap around the warp shields, happens all the time. Nothing new...

    Re: 'Not worth travelling hundreds of thousands of light years to check out'. Do you know how many stars there are within 50 light years of our Solar System? No... Neither do I... Let's just say, there's effing heaps, and among them, surely many candidates supporting planets which could in turn support life... 'Not worth checking out?' If we had technology cabable of transporting us light years from here, we would bloody well be inquisitive enough to explore 'potentially life supporting planets' as well. Let's also not forget that not all stars, and their respective Planetary systems were created at exactly the same moment in time... All it would take is an alien civilisation, possibly only a few hundred years older than our own to develop a much better understanding of quantum physics/space propulsion, and then in turn the ability to travel to earth. I truly feel probability is on the side of yes there is alien life. Yes there is intelligent alien life. And alien life who can, and do travel here. It's ignorant to truly believe otherwise.

    There are two cameras catching the same thing from two angles, and the mass ejection comes from the right in one, and the left in the other, but the 'artefacts' and where they appear are the same relative to the position and direction of Mercury in both videos...? They can't be artefacts, they have to be actually capturing something for this to be replicated in both instances, otherwise there would be other examples of this effect being recorded during other mass ejections. In the second video, the same effect can be seen with Mars, but it's on the leading edge rather than the trailing edge. I'm not calling UFO, perhaps these are eddy currents?

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