Aussie Band Recreates Angry Birds For Music Vid

This is awesome. Brisbane band Hey Geronimo has recreated a heap of classic iOS games for the video clip to their single Why Don't We Do Something? It looks amazing. Watch:

Included in the iOS gaming mashup is Fruit Ninja, Flight Control, Plants vs Zombies, Cut the Rope and the obligatory Angry Birds. According to a story on Fairfax, the video cost the band about $500 to make. The recreations occasionally looked so lifelike the band felt the need to include behind the scenes footage to show that it was all being recreated in real life.

I just hope the team at Firemint is paying attention - the next update is going to include shooting cats, right?

[YouTube via SMH]

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    The embedded video isn't working. Malformed video ID.

    Man that song is going to be as big as that lame song with the Treadmills video clip!
    Great video clips, crappy songs, but apparently no-one cares!

      Great songs (OK Go that is), just depends who you ask. Don't treat your opinion like it's every bodies

        Crappy songs may be a bit harsh, but they're both boring and repetitive songs made entertaining by good video.
        I genuinely don't think OK Go's single would have been nearly so HUGE as it undoubtedly was had they filmed a clip of a band playing in a garage...
        I hope these guys get as popular internationally as OK Go were for "Here We Go".

          Walk PAAAST!

    Wasn't that a Galaxy S II?

      Nope, had a round indented button (hard to make out, but you could see it when the light shone on it) :)

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