Asus Adds i3 To Zenbook Lineup For $1099

Anybody who was looking at the Asus Zenbook and thinking to themselves, "That's just too highly specced for my needs", has plenty of cause for celebration today, with Asus announcing it is adding an i3 model to the range.

Priced at $1099, the new 1.4GHz i3 Zenbook comes in the 11.6-inch screen size and offers a much more entry level processor for potential Ultrabook customers. It still features 4GB RAM, front webcam and all the same wi-fi and connections as the other models though.

It's good that Asus has managed to cut the price of its entry level Ultrabook, but it would have been nice to see them crack that $1000 mark like Acer. Although given the state of retail at the moment, you should be able to grab it for less than RRP fairly easily.




    Yes and no... as long as the price differential compared to the Acer is reflected in build and parts quality, I'm content that there's a broader range of price points in the market. From my experience, Asus do make good hardware, and I've personally seen them go above and beyond the call of duty for customer service.

      Yeah, the Zenbook looks and feels like a much higher quality machine. The Acer S3 looks like a cheap laptop, the UX21/UX31 is a cheap laptop (but most people will not realise it). (Only missed 2 spaces [plus one typo] in this post.)

    the question is, will they improve the keyboard and touchpad, I've been waiting for the UX31 (i5) model for a while, and am still contemplating the purchase, but even for the short time i used it in the store it was enough to stop me hold off making the purchase. such a great package, but that keyboard..hmmmmmm

      Yes, the keyboard is a below average but you get used to it pretty easily. It might be a deal breaker for a journalist but it is fine for the casual user. That said, it missed about half-a-dozen spaces in this post (but I made 3 typos, so its all relative).

    What the heck? Asus told me 3 weeks ago it came in an core i3 model for the 11.6" laptop. This is hardly news, especially since it said it on the Zenbook Flyers.

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