Asus Adds i3 To Zenbook Lineup For $1099

Anybody who was looking at the Asus Zenbook and thinking to themselves, "That's just too highly specced for my needs", has plenty of cause for celebration today, with Asus announcing it is adding an i3 model to the range.

Priced at $1099, the new 1.4GHz i3 Zenbook comes in the 11.6-inch screen size and offers a much more entry level processor for potential Ultrabook customers. It still features 4GB RAM, front webcam and all the same wi-fi and connections as the other models though.

It's good that Asus has managed to cut the price of its entry level Ultrabook, but it would have been nice to see them crack that $1000 mark like Acer. Although given the state of retail at the moment, you should be able to grab it for less than RRP fairly easily.


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