A Glass Light Fixture For Your Eureka Momemnt

Light is, like, totally incredible, amirite? It allows you to do cool things. It allows you to see beautiful things. Making stuff? Yup. These inspired light fixtures are a tribute to everything that makes light so gosh darn great.

The gorgeous fixtures made by Austin-based Machine Shop Lighting almost look like industrial relics, but they're actually precision built to exacting standards. Each fixture is handmade in-house from scratch — down to the custom steel and glass work. The company has three standard lighting designs — we're especially fond of the $US650 Lawrence Pully — but as each light is made to order, you can discuss your own plans for customising the design if you've got big ideas.

Make no mistake: These lights are made for people with big ideas, and if you you had one hanging over your head, that light bulb might just go off in your head too. [Machine Lighting via Uncrate]

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