Your PlayStation May Soon Tell If You're Stressed

Sony filed a series of patents recently that would add biometric sensors to PlayStation 3 controllers and to a handheld resembling the Playstation Vita. How will gaming change when your console knows how you feel?

It's weird to think that the behaviour of your video game avatar could change concurrent with your level of tension and stress. We're used to seeing the programmed enemies in games adapt situationally, but the characters you control behave the same no matter how fast your heart is racing. The sensors in the patents would measure the moisture of your skin, heart rhythm, and muscle tension. The data could ultimately change everything about the game, from the background music and facial expressions to running speed and weapon accuracy. [Siliconera via Digital Trends]


    sounds as awesome as wii's non existent delayed and MIA vitality sensor

    I could see From Software using this with absolutely evil results in a successor to Dark Souls. . .

      If it detects you're calm, it'll start administering electric shocks.

        Or it ups the difficulty if you aren't freaking out enough.

    WOW!! Imagine Fifa
    players stressing because of the player being stressed ;)

    Can't the gyroscope / accelerometer already measure how fast we're throwing it when we rage quit?

    The writer acts like he's never heard of the Wii Vitality sensor before...

    So the cheaper option is to attach a mic to the console to hear if you start swearing at the game to know if you're stressed or not?

    sounds like a great idea though, would be interesting to have musical changes/ subtle background effects based on how worked up a player is getting.

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