What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

A new CEO, charges of being too expensive (again!) and iiNet denying that its TransACT buy was all about the NBN are all part of this week’s NBN wrap.

• NBN Co made an appointment, giving former British Telecom executive Ralph Steffens the Chief Operating Officer role. [AFR]

• NBN boss Mike Quigley got defensive about claims that the NBN’s pricing model would discriminate against low income earners. [ABC]

• The ACCC released a draft final report — quite how something can be draft and final eludes me right now — into the provision of NBN-style services over non-NBN networks [ITWire]

• Australia Post announced it was looking into shifting into the telecommunications business, citing the expansion of the NBN as a key opportunity factor. [Gizmodo]

• iiNet made yet another ISP acquisition, picking up Canberra-based TransACT. It was widely tipped that the sale price was attractive because of the looming spectre of the NBN, but iiNet’s Michael Malone rejected those claims, saying that iiNet would have tried to buy TransACT anyway[ Gizmodo & ZDNet]

• It’s not strictly NBN, but it’s offering NBN-style speeds; Telstra’s announced that it’s rolling out 100MBps capability across its existing cable network. [Lifehacker]

• NBN Co launched its Melbourne operations centre, as well as unveiling a mobile NBN Truck that’ll serve as a demonstration station all across the country. [Gadget Guy]