What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

NBN Co launched explanatory videos, signed contracts for a whole lot of networking supplies and brought South Australia and the Northern Territory into the construction contract fold.

• NBN Co went straight for the hearts of confused consumers with a series of simple videos explaining both what the NBN is and how it’ll work [Gizmodo]

• The NBN was in spending phase, awarding some $635 million worth of contracts to six suppliers; of that sum, around $150 million will go on locally produced hardware. [IT Wire]

• NBN Co also signed up construction contracts for the last two states to be without them as the Northern Territory and South Australia joined up. [ZDNet]

• It’s expected (but not at the time of writing absolutely confirmed) that iiNet’s going to buy out Canberra-based ISP TransACT, with the arrival of the NBN being seen as a key reason why TransACT is keen to sell. [Canberra Times]

• A report commented that simply having high speed broadband wouldn’t necessarily equate to a fair go for all Australians; more may need to be done to get everyone online by 2020 [ZDNet]