What Happened With The NBN This Week?

NBN Co launched explanatory videos, signed contracts for a whole lot of networking supplies and brought South Australia and the Northern Territory into the construction contract fold.

• NBN Co went straight for the hearts of confused consumers with a series of simple videos explaining both what the NBN is and how it'll work [Gizmodo]

• The NBN was in spending phase, awarding some $635 million worth of contracts to six suppliers; of that sum, around $150 million will go on locally produced hardware. [IT Wire]

• NBN Co also signed up construction contracts for the last two states to be without them as the Northern Territory and South Australia joined up. [ZDNet]

• It's expected (but not at the time of writing absolutely confirmed) that iiNet's going to buy out Canberra-based ISP TransACT, with the arrival of the NBN being seen as a key reason why TransACT is keen to sell. [Canberra Times]

• A report commented that simply having high speed broadband wouldn't necessarily equate to a fair go for all Australians; more may need to be done to get everyone online by 2020 [ZDNet]



    Yep, still running at 50 down / 20 up... *trollface*

    Well, I'm one week away from moving into a greenfields estate - only 20 odd KM from Melbourne CBD - and basically have no option for internet except for wireless.
    Telstra has no ports available at my exchange. They're not laying cable due to the NBN. The NBN, even though afaik they said they'd install straight into greenfields has told me they have no schedule for my estate. AND I'm smack bang between 2 exchanges - hello crappy uplink speeds.
    I'm now waiting for Telstra to connect my cable from the pit to my house to see if iiNet or TPG have any open ports in my exchange.
    Good to see our nation is so technologically advanced.

    A work crew ripped into every front lawn in my avenue this week, laid PVC pipe, then covered it all up, and apart from tearing out my phone line and cutting through a water pipe they did a good job.......Optical Fibre crew should be along soon I've been told. Doing the whole town before they roll out again and said they will light the light in March, 2012. I'm cheering out loud!!!!

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