Vega LTE: Pantech's Phone Goes Kinect

Pantech isn't known for their cutting edge phones, but that will soon change with their upcoming Vega LTE line that recognises touchless gestures using its front facing camera, like a miniature version of Microsoft's Kinect.

The Android based handsets employ eyeSight's gesture recognition technology, which is a software-only solution that works with even the low resolution cameras typically found on the front of smartphones. It's capable of detecting simpler gestures, like waves and taps, and isn't tripped up by motion or poor lighting conditions. I suspect the dark of night could be a problem.

Out of the gate the functionality looks like it will be limited to placing and answering calls, as well as controlling your music. So it seems like a feature better suited for use when driving. But there's no reason a software update down the line couldn't increase its functionality and make it a more appealing feature. [All Things D via Phandroid]


    Gestures: Revolutionary feature coming soon on the iPhone 5

    In all seriousness it does have potential and its good to see companies innovating. I doubt there would be much battery drain as you would only set the front camera to scan when an inbound call is being made

    They highlighted it's only use in the video. I can't see myself performing sign language to my phone... It's bad enough to do it to my deaf brother, certainly slows down any conversation... Siri, I love you.

    i clicked on the link thinking it had something to do with the galaxy s2 damn the pics look similar

      I gotta agree. It really does look like it +touchwiz.

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