$US7.4b Spent On Upgrading The Never-Used F-22

The F-22, America's favourite multi-multi-multi-billion dollar gun with no trigger, is getting a new paint job! TIME's Mark Thompson reports the fleet of unused warplanes will get one hell of an upgrade. Too bad we never use it.

The Pentagon's paying out $US7.4 billion for "system upgrades to existing requirements, incorporate new requirements, add capability and enhance performance in the F-22 Weapon System". Keep in mind, as Thompson points out along with us, that the F-22 is not only defective, but has never fired a single shot in aggression. Not a single combat mission. It's flown, but never moved a centimetre in the defence of the US. Or to attack an enemy. Or to do much of anything, really, except be grounded repeatedly and fly out of the way of hurricanes.

This money could be spend to buy 74 iMacs for every single public school in the entire US. [TIME]

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