Try Out Windows Phone On Your iPhone Or Android Right Now

Have you been curious about Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)? Maybe you want to try it out without standing around in some store? Microsoft just made it easy to do exactly that on your iOS or Android phone. No installations required.

It's super simple. All you have to do is go to in your iOS or Android browser. You'll be directed to an interactive HTML5 page that gives you a very detailed introduction to the look and feel of Windows Phone 7.5. I just took it for a little spin on an Android phone and it works really well. Will this lure any iOS/Android users to the Windows side? We shall see, but either way, check it out for yourself. Ironically, the demo doesn't work in Windows Phone's own browser. I guess it doesn't really have to, but funny none the less. [WMPoweruser via Gregg LeBlanc]


    Tested on my Galaxy S2. Would be more impressive if was more than just a demo. Doesnt work too well with Dolphin Browser since it has a swipe-to-bookmarks but is ok with the default browser. I now have EspierLauncher and now this so I can make my phone 'run' iOS, WP7.5 and gingerbread. Has anyone come across a passable WP7.5 launcher for android?

      doesn't suck. (I have no idea how different 7 and 7.5 are)

    i dont WP will ever look good on my galaxy note...but very nice and easy demo.

    The software is not the issue though, I'd switch in a heartbeat if I found a phone I liked at the right price.

      True that. I'm waiting to see Nokia's higher-end models before i go for a Win Phone

        Give me a Nokia 4" device with FFC and 32GB of memory and I'm sold.

          this be true, we need much higher capacities as standard. My Sammy Focus is doing a great job at 8GB + 32GB but the newer models dont even come close.

    Brillant idea! I'll try this out when i get home :)

    Fooled two people into thinking I was running Windows Phone on my iPhone now :)

    Bit dissapointing you can't link it to your facebook and windows live like the full web browser demo.

    there are win phone 7 launchers you can get for android, been using it for a while now and love the look of win phone 7 while still having the android yummy-ness

    Fantastic idea by Microsoft. Since playing around with a WP7 phone in a store, I am considering changing from Android to WP7 now that its got a lot of the major features and has been building the number of decent apps available for it.

    Lucky they had the prompts telling you when to swipe etc... otherwise i wouldn't have known what to do. Not the mose intuitive OS and that's very important on a phone. Shame really, being a C# coder I love the idea of MS phones but the execution seems to be lacking...

      The real OS is the most intuitive mobile OS I've ever used. All this really shows you how to do is a couple of scripted actions, and lets you scroll up and down the start screen.

      Have a play with a real phone, preferably one that's set up, or if a store phone at least one in demo mode.

    What an awesome web demo. I'm impressed.

    Anyone know how to make Safari full screen or remove the bottom bar in iOS?
    Otherwise it's painfully obvious that you're running a web app.

      Pin it to your home screen as a favourite and open from there. It should open full screen and hide the address and navigation bars.

    Running on the new Nexus eh? Nice :)
    I may try this when I get home.

    Very impressive, it didnt auto-rotate though. might just be my crappy htc cha cha though

    I'm very impressed by the demo. Not so impressed by the OS itself.

    I don't use social media and rather like my smartphone use compartmentalised into apps.

    What I'd really like is a way to integrate SMS and IMs from 3rd party providers like Skype without having to keep a Skype app open and drain battery. This functionality is really up to the Skypes of the world I expect.

    Fring came close to this, but then Skype cut them off.

    Maybe it already exists and I just don't know about it - Is there a way to get SMS and various IMs dispalyed in the same screen with a continuous conversation like WP7 uses for twitter, FB etc ?

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