The Detonator Is A Science-Fiction Motorcycle Brought To Electric Life

Daniel Simon designed the Light Cycles for Tron: Legacy and the vehicles for Captain America, but now one of his craziest concepts yet is coming to life in a street legal version. Let's hope no one kills themselves riding it.

The Detonator is an 3.5m electric motorcycle powered by a lithium-ion battery that gets 130-160km on a one-hour charge. The bike rips too — it's supposed to go up to 190km/h, but here's the thing: the Detonator probably isn't the easiest bike in the world to handle. The rider sits way in the back from where they have to manoeuvre a huge, elongated front-end that makes even showy custom choppers with long forks look puny.

The Detonator concept was drawn-up by Simon for his futuristic vehicle design company, Cosmic Motors, and it's being built by Parker Brothers Choppers, which also produced a run of real-life Light Cycles. Simon's website calls the Detonator a "street cruiser bike built for humanoid droids". (Does this guy have the coolest job ever or what?) Admittedly, that sounds more like science fiction than anything your dad is going to be driving around on the weekends, but if you've got $US100,000 lying around, you can have a Detonator of your own. [Daniel Simon and Parker Brothers Choppers via Wired: Autopia]


    where's the sword holster?

    Is that Stiffler's Mum riding it?

    I want. I need.

    That is the dumbest bike design ever. Really, what purpose would it serve?

      What purpose do any sports designs serve? All they're meant to do is go fast and make a big impression. It would seem this design fills both those requirements, doesn't it?

        as long as you want to travel only in a straight line. Weak.

    Hmm, no mudguards.... That girl is going to have a stripe of dog shit and oil up her back after about 5 mins, thats if her back doens't get ripped off when she leans back.

    Good of you to include a shot with the air-bags deployed.

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