Soon It Will Be Impossible To Escape Radar Traps

Getting out of speeding tickets using a combination of savvy, hustle, gumption and sheer dumb luck might be on its way out thanks to Cordon, new radar system that tracks with Terminator-like accuracy tracking dozens of cars — and their licence plates — at a time.

Cordon can simultaneously track 32 vehicles across four lanes, and automatically generates images of both the vehicle and a close-up of the licence plate. It's got integrated IR spotlights to scope out your plates at night and automatically detects bus-only lane violations by cross-referencing your licence plate with which lane you're in. It stores the data on an onboard SD card, but it can also sync to central databases over wireless networks. Basically, it's a speeder's worst nightmare.

Apparently Cordon isn't coming to North America until early 2012, but a sampling of the comments of the above video (e.g. "this is why I f**king hate the world!") might prove this to be the least popular amazing technological achievement ever. [Peak Gain Systems via Engadget]

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