Siri, Coming To An Android Near You?

We already know that Siri does most of its processing server-side, and that Apple's claims of hardware as a limiting factor are tenuous at best. But new research from French developer Applidium reveals that Apple is truly full of it.

They've managed to completely reveal the entire process used for communications between the iPhone 4S and Apple's servers. In doing so, they discovered that the only thing keeping Siri from running on Android (or just about anything with a microphone and an internet connection) was a single line of code. Furthermore, they suggest that it's entirely possible to create a third-party Siri client that could fool Apple's servers into thinking they were talking with a normal iPhone 4S. Unfortunately, it's that single line of code that could severely hobble any attempt to capitalise on this discovery.

As it turns out, that code is unique to each individual iPhone 4S and as of now, there's no way to replicate it. So in order to get a third party-client working, you would either have to sacrifice a large number of iPhones, or risk easy detection by the Apple Gestapo. Basically, the only thing standing between you and a Siri-equipped refrigerator is a string of random characters. For a more detailed explanation of how they did it and a look at the code, head on over to Applidium's own blog, or, Ars Technica for the less technically-inclined. [Applidium via Ars Technica]


    Saw this about a week ago I think. I was much more impressed when I thought that they were doing speech recognition on the phone itself. It seems silly that you need internet access for functions that really should just be on the phone (like "Call Jim"). Fair enough, you need internet access to find weather information and to use Wolfram Alpha though.

    Android uses have 'iris' and 'Vlingo'.

    I really dont know why gizmodo is so obsessed about Siri. My friends who have the iphone 4S have only used it a couple of times. The people who do use it all the time, in public need to make some friends.

      I understand what you mean about siri. But I work on the road a lot and with siri reading and replying email/messages and adding appointments into ical is a massive time saver for me. I also have a bluetooth helmet for my motorbike coming next week and hope that siri will work as well for that.

    I, too, find it a little odd that Siri must have internet access. When I get a 4S I see myself basically using Siri to do things like 'play whatever playlist'. I don't see how that should require internet access.

    I guess is the actual processing done on servers? But if that was the case, it shouldn't matter if it's an a5 chip or not?

      It definitely doesn't need an A5. Siri worked fine as an IP4 app before it was pulled to become an IP4S exclusive carrot. The claim that it needs the power of the A5 chip is total bullshit, but Apple needed to differentiate the iPhone 4S from its predecessor as much as possible and devoted 30 minutes of that keynote to Siri. Without it, they could only have boasted about the better processor, camera and antenna. 3 criteria that don't normally get civilians excited.

    Yeah, well Siri used to be an app on the app store that Apple acquired. It ran fine on the 3gs, and a similar technology is already in Wp7.5 handsets, and a couple of thier commands don't require an internet connection.

    Iris is already superior to Siri as a voice search engine. If you say 'lady gaga' to iris it provides a summary and reads out the answers and puts a picture of said artist. Say 'lady gaga' to siri and it does bugger all. If you say 'find me the nearest mcdonalds restaurant' to iris it points it out on google maps. Siri does bugger all except say location services arent on in Australia. If you say to iris 'big boobs' iris put a booby picture. Prob should have an adult content warning lol

      To be perfectly honest, in that scenario I much prefer Siri's response. If 'lady gaga' is said around my phone, I certainly don't want it to react at all.

    Look at this: Siri controlling a house thermostat. This guy wrote a proxy server through which his Siri traffic passes.

    So by single line of code, you really mean it just needs a device Id?

      then whats stopping someone from who owns an iphone to use their 'one line of code' to make apps? as long as it thinks its coming from you.

        Because once an ID starts sending thousands and thousands of requests, many unusual, they will blacklist it.

    Android now has enough voice activated assistants like: Vlingo, Iris, Jeannie, Andy, Skyvi, and Eva Intern (which claims: Now Eva has all the major functions that Siri has plus a load of them that Siri does not. Now you can define locations and tell Eva to remind you to do something when leaving, arriving or even just going past a location. Please say 'what's new' to Eva for the details. There is now no need to switch to an iPhone for the features that Siri provides. Eva has them all.)

      There's one thing that Siri will continue to do better than it's competing products - be marketed well

    It was obvious all the processing was done on server. Shazam has been doing it for years. As soon as Apple "does something new" people lose their shit over feats that have existed for years.

    im with ED...

    whatever happened to video calling? i remember my old sony ericsson used to do it... YEARS ago

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