Samsung Will Force Jony Ive To Defend Apple's Copycat Claims

Apple is engaged in a very public lawsuit with Samsung, alleging that Samsung has gone too far in mimicking their product designs. Now Samsung is putting Apple's design guru Jonathan Ive on the stand to explain all the ways they've supposedly infringed on patents.

According to EdibleApple, Ive will be joined by three other Apple designers — Douglas Satzger, Shin Nishibori and Christopher Stringer — in a deposition to testify on behalf of Apple. Earlier this year, Apple claimed that Samsung's Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab copied intellectual properties of theirs. Then taking things one step further, they had the Galaxy Tab 10.1 pulled off store shelves in Australia and Germany, claiming the design was stolen from the iPad. The two have been engaged in a legal game tug-of-warever since. But do they think having a design mastermind speak about the nuances of intellectual property is really the right strategy? [TheNextWeb]

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