Samsung Moves To Final Injunction Against Apple

Samsung's moved -- successfully -- to have its preliminary injunction against Apple converted into a final injunction, although the hearing for that injunction won't be until March next year. Yes, it's the court case that seemingly never ends... again. In this case, Samsung's going to hold back on getting a judgement against the iPhone 4S until March next year, but they're seeking a final judgement rather than a preliminary one.

Samsung's official statement is as below.

Samsung Statement Regarding Conversion of PI In the interests of an expedited and final resolution, Samsung has agreed to the Federal Court's request to convert our application for a preliminary injunction to stop the sale of Apple products in Australia to an application for a final injunction. Samsung is pleased with this outcome as we believe expediting the main proceedings will be the most effective way for Samsung to protect our intellectual property rights and bring about a final resolution to this case.

I'm no lawyer, but I can't help but have this image of Justice Bennett shouting "Finish Him", Mortal Kombat style at one party or another -- but presumably, not until some time next year. By which time there could well be a slew of new Samsung and Apple products, ready for round ninety-seven...



    I just jumped ship from Android to iPhone and am happy, but I wanna see this go through, just for a laugh...

    yeah, watch Samsung FAIL yet again. They never win. LOL

      Yeah right James...... like as if Apple could do anything without Samsung supplying over 50% of the cost of their parts in iOS devices. Remember Market Cap is for CrApple and it's share holders only to brag about. All those obscene profits are coming out of you iDiot's pockets!

      That's the difference between being a privately held Global Conglomerate (Samsung Group owned by a family like Saudi Royal Family) and a cheap Chinese Import/Exporter without any of their own factories. It takes R&D investment like Samsung's to truly innovate technology and not just repackage it like Apple does!

      Samsung Won a preliminary injunction, but the judge suggested a full permanent injunction could be ordered in a Fast Track court decision against Apple's request for this hearing not getting a hearing till next fall. Which puts a total kibosh on iPhone 4s sales months before iPhone 5 arrives and if it has any infringing technology, it will automatically apply!

      Now Apple spokesperson has stated they are working to resolve their issues with Samsung with a compromise coming in the next few months. Only after judge Bennett set a hearing for March 2012 (3 1/2 months away). I would call that a win!!! lol.... plus the fact that Globally Samsung sold 23.6 million Smartphones last quarter, the best on record!

      Around $40 Billion in quarterly revenue, w/ near $4 Billion Profit even though they've recently spent over $15 Billion new manufacturing plants and upgrades isn't too shabby! lol.... they aren't #2 in R&D in the world for nothing, when Apple is down in the 40's w/o any manufacturing of their own! haha....

        okay then, we'll just wait and see who comes out on top of this. I know where I'm putting my money.....

          They are already in talks..... fool. The son of Samsung CEO was invited to a Steve Jobs special private memorial and to talks with Tim Cook. It seems Tim is a little smarter than Steve was on these matters and realizes that w/o Samsung, Apple has no products to sell.

          After all Samsung invested 7 Billion Dollars recently in bringing on line new chip fabrication lines just for Apple, in their Samsung Semiconductor Austin Texas plant.

          Fabrication lines under a long term contract, along with leasing new space to Apple for co-operative chip design. Samsung lends engineers to Apple. Why? ...because they don't know what f**k they're doing.... you iDiot. Without Samsung you wouldn't have any iOS devices and they can't suddenly back out of that contract and take their business to TSMC either (or anyone else for that matter).

          Because TSMC uses a whole different fabrication process (Intel vs IBM HKMG process) and that would take a ground up redesign of A4, A5 and A6. All of which a new contract was signed for in September, when Samsung began ramping up A6 production in Austin too. Apple stated that they could not immediately have A6 chips coming off line at TSMC's process, but would instead have them ramp up production of redesigned A6 as a second supplier later next year. Stating they trust Samsung and their process quality over TSMC's Gate Last process!

          Apple spokesperson in Korea, said Apple are working with Samsung now to solve their differences. That's because your Australian Judge has ordered them to hand over all source code for Apple iPhone 4s. Apple is holding some code back and fighting the order. But in the end the judge's order will prevail or Apple will be found in contempt and a default judgement will be awarded to Samsung. Unlike the preliminary injunction that was about to be granted, this permanent Injunction will block not only the 4s, but if they attempt to launch iPhone 5 with any of these patents, it will be banned automatically too!

          Be prepared to lose your money..... lol.... because Apple is using many of Samsung's patents in 4s including 3g and their antenna switching patent. This will all be found out when Apple is forced to present the missing source code. If they don't settle first!!! haha..... and to top that off, Google is preparing to sue Apple over their "Notifications Patent" filed and granted in Feb. 2009, while in talks with Apple to license it in a cross licensing deal with other of their patents, including those from Motorola acquisition to be finalized in the next few months!

    Am I the only one who thinks it's kind of weird they gave up trying to ban Apple products in their hometown for fear of backlash but have no problem doing it elsewhere?

      Having lived in korea, they can easily punish apple without a court. They have such dominion over the local market.

    thats the class of SamSung BenDTU, patents smatents, Samsung is a scummy company... and I am ashamed I bought one of their fridges, but the market was limited

      But it doesn't make sense - They can't not care about Australia as a market since they're battling the Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction. Maybe they just wouldn't have as great a backlash or something so they figure it's worth a go?

      If it makes you feel better, I don't think Apple will be releasing iFridge anytime soon. Also, I don't believe I've ever seen an injunction on a fridge lol

        I have bought Samsun Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, no problems. We develop for Apple and Android and how Apple and the tab could get confused beats me. Samsung has Dual core, different aspect ratio, thinner, faster and a different OS. Infringes on what? Dont get it. This whole Phone/Tablet war is just for the legal people and stiffle true innovation,

      If Samsung are scummy then what are Apple? They've done this and also been pathetic enough to harass regular working folk with ridiculous legal actions over non-issues (like that lady's cafe).

    I see the Apple fanbots are out early

    you shut your whore mouth

    Its a good move forward. shame its all the way in March...

    Apple forced this upon themselves... Samsung could've filed for this ages ago but it just took Apple to be right pricks and push Samsung to act. If Apple just played nice this case would have never seen the light of day..

    I used an iphone 4 for 18 months (hopefully not for much longer) and i'm rooting for Samsung all the way. Apple are a bunch of pricks from what i've been reading lately

      Doubt it'll happen, Samsung haven't had much luck in this battle. And if it targets the 4S only it will be way too late for them with the iPhone 5 just around the corner.

    Yo Alex you forgot to link the source. would be much appreciated if you could reference it.

    They'll fail.
    Not that they don't have a moral right or a good case, it's just that Samsung handle the courts badly and Apple planed well ahead for all legal contingencies- a strategy that is now bearing fruit for them nicely.
    This is probably Job's greatest legacy: making sure Apple sewed up all legal avenues very early in the game before anyone else could.

    They may not be as perfect at everything technologically the way the fanboys imagine them to be, but they certainly know how to handle the market better than anyone else. It's a praiseworthy feat.

      Ha, it takes only one tiny amendment to make any legal pre-planning that Apple may have done to be unwound. It ain't over till the fat lady sings.

    > Samsung
    > Apple
    > No Patents
    > Fox only
    > Final Destination

    these lawyers must be getting paid heaps. maybe i should become a lawyer....

    I am the reincarnation of AG Bell and I will soon storm the courts world wide against all phone manufacturers. How dare they make all these devices they call phones. I hold all the patents for phones and am demanding that all these manufacturers remove the phone function from their devices. Or else I will make sure that all they sell are the old string and can devices.

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