Pre-Warmed Vehicles Should Be A Right

It only takes a few minutes for a car to warm up on a chilly morning, but that's a few minutes when I'm uncomfortably shivering in the cold! So as extravagant as a car preheater sounds, I still want one.

It sits atop the dashboard heating your car's interior, or the windshield, with a couple of vents that can rotate 180 degrees. A built in clock lets you specify what time you plan to get to your vehicle so the heater can power up 20 minutes ahead of time ensuring everything is toasty inside once you arrive. But if you don't have a set schedule, an included wireless remote can also be used to start it from the comfort of your home.

A rechargeable battery ensures the $US120 preheater doesn't completely drain your vehicle while solving your first-world problem, but since it takes about four hours to charge, I'm afraid at some point you're going to have to get it back in your cold vehicle the night before. So perhaps a car pre-preheater isn't a bad gift idea either? [Hammacher Schlemmer via OhGizmo! via Coolest Gadgets]


    Just in time for the chilly Australian December!

    First world problems.

    Waahhh my luxury car isn't warm for the first few minutes of getting into it. So I'll buy a $120 USD pre-heater.


      First World Problem indeed.

    I Just bought a car alarm with a remote starter, Just set the settings the night before and start the car from bed. Nice and warm or cold.

      ^^^ this guy is onto it... had remote start for years now on my car... works the best in summer when car has been in a hot spot... make sure the a/c is cranked before you turn the car off... #winning...

    Some diesel-powered BMW 5 and 7 series have had a dedicated, diesel-burning, timer-activated heater as an option for some time. Not sure if it's offered in AU though.

    My Old '85 BMW 735i had a option for a petrol burning timer activated heater among other things like, bulletproof doors and a internal oxygen system.
    ahh old cars.

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