Pixelated Graffiti Printer Uses Spray Cans Instead Of Ink Carts

The Graffiti Research Lab is back again with another open source project that lets untalented wannabe Banksys easily tag an entire wall with a customised dot matrix message. But we highly doubt they'll be laying down the works of Shakespeare.

The GRL is the same group responsible for those harmless LED Throwies, and they've dedicated themselves to creating open source tools that make graffiti and street art easier for the average person. Their latest effort, from the group's France division, is a $US280 handheld printer that uses seven cans of spray paint — controlled by an Arduino and solenoid valves — to print a message as it's dragged along a wall. It's certainly a step up in terms of creativity and artistic potential over previous spray can creations that seem designed exclusively for vandalism. But given how quickly the 'Near Tag Quality' printer can cover a large surface with literally any message, I'm not optimistic that those who endeavour to build their own will use it for as idealistic displays as its creators intended. [Graffiti Research Lab via PSFK]

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