Nook Tablet Teardown: A Kindle Fire By Any Other Name?

A new ebook reader, another teardown by iFixit. But what did they find lurking beneath that oddly shaped plastic case of the Nook Tablet, and just how different is it to the Fire?

We've already reported that a mere 1GB of the Nook's 16GB of storage can be used for content from outside the Barnes & Noble app store. Interestingly, it turns out that the Tablet uses the exact same 3.7V, 4000mAh battery as the Nook Color, but somehow manages to squeeze an extra 3.5 hours of use out of it.

Elsewhere, the Nook's guts are pretty similar to the Fire's (and the Playbook before it). Its LG screen is almost identical, and the motherboard also. The only real difference is that Nook packs an extra 512MB of RAM. If you're so inclined to take yours apart, you'll find the whole thing's gummed up with a lot of adhesive, and a lot of components are soldered in place too. Still, dropping it from a height might loosen them without breaking the thing, if you really must try. [iFixit]

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