New Nook Leak: Faster, Lighter Media Monster

The details of the next Nook have been leaked and SlashGear got em. With the Barnes & Noble event scheduled for the 7th, the timing seems about right.

SlashGear reports that they got their digital hands on the specs for the next Nook, the Nook Tablet. Because everyone loves tablets these days. While similar in appearance to the Nook colour, the Tablet will be .02-inches thinner and .9-ounces lighter. The tablet will be powered by a dual-core Texas Instruments OMAP 4 processor and ship with 16GB of internal storage. Additional storage can be added via a microSD slot. The battery will last for approximately fours hours while watching video with Wi-Fi on and eight hours with the Wi-Fi off. The seven-inch VividView IPS display is identical to the Nook colour.

According to SlashGear, the Nook Tablet will debut at $US250 while the Nook colour will drop to $US200. The Tablet's price puts it in spitting distance of the $US200 Kindle Fire which is set to make its debut in consumer hands on November 17th. [Slash Gear via Business Insider]

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