Midnight Rider Is The Biggest Limo On The Planet

Cramming yourself into a Winnebago for your next road trip to Vegas? Ludicrous. Get there in the back end of a big-rig, rolling disco, the worlds biggest limo.

The 25-ton, 21m long Midnight Rider is the world's heaviest limousine, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Technically a "Tractor-Trailer Limousine", it was built between 1997 and 2004. The Midnight Rider is based in Southern California and licensed to travel throughout the USA — at least roads wide enough to accommodate its 15m turning radius.

The Midnight Rider is the only vehicle of its kind with more than 90 per cent of its 4200 parts fabricated in-house. Its trailer employs an H-frame stainless-steel construction with 1400 aircraft-quality welds and an aluminium belt sixteen times thicker than conventional big-rigs — creating a solid and safe frame that surrounds the 40sqm of interior party space. A 435 hp Peterbilt 379 tractor provides the towing power while the rig's 22 wheels and oversized brakes keep this mammoth mobile disco in check. Drawing current from a pair of on-board generators, its double-redundancy electrical system powers the limo's 3.2 million candlepower worth of exterior lights.

The limo's interior is modelled after Presidential Pullman Cars from the 1870s — that is, heavy on the mirrored wood and polished brass — and seats 40 spread among three separate lounge areas, each with its own bar, big screen and phones.

It costs $US1000 per hour to rent but does include a crew of five: two drivers, a hostess, an operations specialist and a bartender.

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    Technically a “Tractor-Trailer Limousine"

    Actually, here it's a prime mover, semi trailer limousine, bloody yank terminology

      Right there with you mate. Along with yank spelling...that's a huge pet hate of mine

        Who uses the term pet hate and not peeve? That's got to be my pet peeve.


    I was actually expecting a far more outrageous rental price.

      The thing people don't realise is that everything in the USA is super cheap compared to Australia (outside of the conversion rate), so $1000 an hour to them is more like $2500 an hour to us.

    fancy limo in SA cost like 700-1.2k ... crew 1 - driver............... thats it

    1000 an hour is pretty sweet, the Hummer Limos in Sydney are almost as much!

    Re: video - poor kid missed it by this much!

    And I agree - $1000/hour doesn't seem too outrageous. If I were of a mind to use such a service, the price looks pretty good by Aussie standards.

    At $1000/h and able to carry 40 people, that's only 25/h per person! Pretty damn cheap for a rolling venue. That assumes that it has an open bar of course.

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