Meet The SRW-S1 Steering Wheel

Meet The SRW-S1 Steering Wheel

Playing a sick racing game with a joystick just doesn’t cut it. Like, at all. You need a wheel at the very least. They’re usually big and will set you back hundreds. This won’t do either.

The SRW-S1 from Steel Series was designed specifically for Simraceway, but it should work with any other game, too. It’s also extremely portable — all of your controls are on the wheel. You turn via what looks like a super responsive accelerometer and it has more than 20 buttons on it to give you one-touch access to everything you need. The real genius here is the gas and brake, though.


Any hardcore racer will tell you, a simple button that just turns gas on/of or brake on/off just plain sucks. There’s no nuance. No control. Traditionally, expensive steering wheel rigs have featured foot pedals to accomodate this. While that’s definitely a more realistic driving experience it makes the rig extremely unportable. What they did for the SRW-S1 is to put a couple “paddles” on the back, that give you extremely nuanced control over acceleration and braking. This makes throwing the wheel in your backpack and heading to a friends (or getting on a plane) really easy, but gives you that detailed control you’re (obsessively) craving.

The SRW-S1 is plug-and-play with Simraceway and should be configurable with virtually any other PC racing game. Buttons come pre-configured, but are user-customisable. It’s available starting today for $US120. [SteelSeries]