Massive Symphony Unites Android And iOS Users

Massive Symphony Unites Android And iOS Users

If ebony and ivory could live together in perfect harmony, then why can’t iOS and Android users? A plan to unite the world’s warring smartphone factions relies on the healing power of music.

The Massive Symphony app for Android and iOS is a collaborative effort to see how many users can (or are willing) to be part of a smartphone symphony, played worldwide across multiple time zones. The basic theory is that you download the App, and then on the 11th of November at 11:11am, it’ll start playing one minute of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and you’ll be able to track how many people around the globe are doing exactly the same thing.

Although Massive Symphony is promising Android and iOS harmony, they’re going to have to hurry it up to make the 11th deadline; while the Android app is available now, the iOS app was, at the time of writing, listed as “coming soon”.

Oh, what the heck. Why wait until the 11th? Let’s get this party started now!

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