Kryten’s News From Gardenia Suggests Utopia

Kryten’s News From Gardenia Suggests Utopia

Kryten — well, OK, the actor Robert Llewellyn rather well known as Red Dwarf’s Kryten (as well as host of Junkyard Wars and online series Carpool) is writing a novel that fights back against the prevailing vision of the future as being a dystopian wasteland; he’d like the world to be nicer and greener, with significantly fewer zombies.

Llewellyn’s no stranger to writing fiction — when published, News From Gardenia will be his fifth novel — and he’s using the Unbound Books to pre-sell his book; anyone who buys this way will be listed in all editions of the book, with the eBook version starting at £10. The promotional video, voiced by Llewellyn, is pretty funny; I’d love to embed it, but you’ll have to go to the site to watch it.

Llewellyn’s going to be a busy lad, with a novel to write/promote and the tenth series of Red Dwarf set to start filming in front of live studio audiences (unlike the rather questionable “Back To Earth” specials of a few years ago, which were audience-free affairs) in the UK in mid-December. No word yet on Australian broadcast dates, but the official blurb for the new series has this to say:

Red Dwarf returns for its first full series since 1999. Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten face six exciting new adventures from the pen of Doug Naylor. The classic crew, the classic ship… with a brand new vision. The universe will never be the same…

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