Intimacy 2.0: A Dress That Goes Transparent When Your Heart Beats Faster

What happens when high tech and fashion mix? Apart from puttin' on the bitz, that is. What you get is the Intimacy 2.0, a dress that goes translucent the faster your heart beats. Warning: Video is after the jump, and is best described as technically-safe-for-work-but-not-some-workplaces. The project, which describes the dress as being made out of "smart e-foils" that become progressively transparent based on what design team Studio Roosegaarde describes as "close and personal encounters with people". More specifically, the studio notes that in response to the wearer's heartbeat, the INTIMACY 2.0 dress (yes, they've kept the caps on, but I suppose this is a dress that shouts just a little) will become transparent.

I get the idea, and it's interesting that this is an actual, physical product, but I can see problems with the approach. Cute for those moments of intimacy, but what happens when you have to run for a train wearing it? [Studio Roosegaarde via Geekosystem]


    Hehe.. could be a little embaressing.. sexual excitement is not the only thing that raises the heart rate.. and then the more it turned transparent, the more the person would get anxious thus increasing their heart rate further and making the situation worse.

    Kinda looks like something out of Blade Runner though.

    Go for a run? Get nude.

    Get scared? Get nude.

    Drink a few red bulls? Get nude.

      OMG I am nude now... jeebus how did that happen...

    You'd get pretty sick of all your friends hiding around corners jumping out at you.

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