iFixit's Galaxy Nexus Teardown Reveals Dirty NFC Secret

The axe-wielding maniacs over at iFixit are tearing Samsung's Galaxy Nexus limb from limb! O, the humanity! If you've been eager to see what makes Google's new flagship beast tick, here's your photographic anatomy lesson.

iFixit is still making sense of their findings since they've only just finished. So far, there's nothing super surprising, save for one little thing: the Galaxy Nexus' NFC capabilities all seem to come from a sticker that's attached to the phone's battery. Could this sticker be placed on virtually any Android phone to make it NFC capable? If I were a betting man, I'd say yes, which means your ageing phone may not be quite as obsolete as you thought. We'll update if they turn up anything else that's particularly interesting. [iFixit]


    Umm..... The battery is the ANTENNA for the NFC capability of the phone. It in and of its self doesn't supply any NFC functionality. That would be the respectability of the NFC chip on the motherboard (See 'Step 12' in the linked article).

    In any other phone, this battery would simply be a battery with a loop of wire glued under its warping.

      Errr... "responsibility of the" not "respectability of the".

      The sticker on the battery is the antenna, yes.

      On the Nexus S the sticker is on the inside of the rear cover; I imagine it was moved to the battery to reduce the number of exposed connections on the inner case (now just the battery connectors and the SIM slot).

    +1 narthollis.

    Please update the article, as it is completely incorrect.

    lol if only..

    On a side note, I'm pretty sure my Galaxy S2 could also be a boat, all you have to do is replace the battery with a boat and viola! (Probably works for other models too)

    (+1 narthollis)

    +1 narthollis.
    +1 Puffinfresh.

    As Puffinfresh said... uFixit, Brent.

    Keep it classy Giz. I do love your sensationlist headlines

    "iFixit’s Galaxy Nexus Teardown Reveals Dirty NFC Secret"

    NFC sticker is the antenna morons. Normally a retraction is in order, but I'm not holding my breath.

    They updated it on the US site, apparently we don't get updates for US articles
    Still, gotta wonder at the cred of a tech writer who'd get something this simple so wrong XD

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