Ian McKellen On Fencing And Hobbits

The promotional work for The Hobbit is kicking into another gear; we've seen video extolling its 3D virtues recently, and now Sir Ian Mckellen's updated his blog with musings on a lifetime of fencing training. OK, so The Hobbit is more than a year away from hitting cinemas. That doesn't mean I don't want to see it right now. Just in case anyone from Weta's sitting on some unused cans of digital footage.

No? Oh well. For now, I'm making do with McKellen's always fascinating blog, which he's updated to cover a quiet period in filming The Hobbit with musings on how he learned his stagecraft. When you've had as long and varied a career as he has, that covers a lot of ground, but in this excerpt he covers learning fencing, something he's doing a bit of in The Hobbit. Note that there are spoilers in there if you've not read The Hobbit, but, well, if that's the case, I've got a rather solid reading suggestion for you. [Ian McKellen] Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images


    I don't like 3D at all and will probably never go and see another 3D movie, unless and until they can do it so that, no matter where you sit in the cinema, it works properly. Every time I've seen one, I've come out with a headache because I like to sit near the front and the glasses make the edges of the screen fuzzy.

      You must go to a extremely poor cinema

        No, everyone I have talked with about it agrees with me, except you. My mates are happy enough to sit up the back but the whole point of going to the movies is for the big screen experience, which is why I like to sit in the first 5 or 6 rows. And the technology simply doesn't work with such a wide viewing angle to contend with. If you don't notice it, I can only conclude that you have poor peripheral vision.

        The other thing is that the whole 3D experience adds nothing. It is a trick, like the old Sensurround, that completely ruins suspension of disbelief. If you wear glasses all the time it might be OK but having to wear them is a constant reminder to me that it is all fake.

      Agreed. 3D is the herpes of the movie world. I hate paying extra to see it when I don't particuarly enjoy it and get a headache and eye strain.

      Plus watching a 3D movie in 2D is pointless. Tthey're obviously shot for the "wow look at that pop out" effect with too many things in focus at one time. They look awful compared to a good movie shot for 2D.

        The fact your watching a movie in a cinema indicates it's fake.

    3d is still a gimmick, I hope The Hobbit uses it well and will add to the experience, if it does it will be the only movie in existence to do so. Even Avatar wasn't really that good in 3D.

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