Huawei's Vision Is An Inexpensive Android

Although if I had my snarky hat on, I could say that about any of Huawei's own branded phones. It does tend to play in the cheap end of the pond, after all. The Vision, though, is Huawei's premium smartphone model. Premium doesn't mean all that expensive in the context of smartphones; the Vision is an Allphones exclusive that'll sell outright for $279 or on a monthly $19 plan, so Huawei's still playing in familiar territory for the most part.

The Vision is 9.9mm thin, has a 3.7 inch slighly curved touch screen and runs Android 2.3.5, with the SPB Launcher preinstalled to provide a 3D style UI. The rear camera is a five megapixel model. It's sporting 512MB of RAM and 2GB of onboard storage, with MicroSD card support for up to 32GB more. In other words, it's not quite entry level, but it's clearly midrange, and like the IDEOS X1 before it, could be a decent little phone for the asking price.

I've got a review phone in to test, but my initial impressions are that this is a reasonable but not spectacular phone for the money. It does do one rather odd thing, though; the back battery cover is highly reminiscent of the kinds of sealed backs that HTC's been doing for a while, but if you pop it open, it'll power the phone down. I suppose you're not likely to open it up much if you're not going to power it down, but it did take me by surprise.

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