HP Blew $US3.3b On WebOS

HP will tell the investors just how rocky its waters are later tonight, but for now, enjoy this gem: the company lost $US3.3 billion solely through buying and squandering webOS.

HP describes this staggering money-flushing as "the wind down of HP's webOS device business, impairment of goodwill and purchased intangible assets, amortisation of purchased intangible assets, restructuring charges and acquisition-related charges". In human-speak, think of it as buying a delicious steak and then dropkicking it out of your 100th floor window.

Or perhaps dangling it is more accurate — we're still not sure if HP is going to chop webOS for good or not. And neither is HP. We'll find out soon, with any luck. [Marketwire via Verge]

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