How To Burn Off The Seasonal Fat

Thanksgiving's just passed in the US. Christmas is fast approaching. Truly, it's a wonderful time of food and kinship and gluttony. But that also means a big step backward in your battle against the bulge. But don't worry! Here are a few tips to make sure you more or less still fit in your clothes once the holiday's over.

Kick Your Little Sister's Butt at Wii Tennis or Kinect Dance

Look, you've been playing games a lot longer than that little snot. So what she has a zillion more hours to practice than you do. So what she's got the edge in youth and eyesight and quicks. You were gaming before Crocs were a thing. You show her who's boss, and if you can't, you practice until you can. Remember to wear embarrassing sweatbands and tube socks if her friends happen to be over.

Make It a Game

Gamification can be a little dumb at times, but it gets such annoying carpet-bomb coverage because it works. There are all manner of gadgets that you basically just have to carry around with you that'll tell you exactly how active and fit and wonderful (or sedentary and turgid and gross) you've been, which should be motivation enough to get off the couch.

Eat All You Want! Just Remember to Exercise in the Morning

Sure, you'll probably eat a few too many kilos of food on Christmas day itself. It's a human failing. What's important is what you do with all those calories afterwards. They can either go to use when you hit the track for some solid running, or go straight to your gut when you hit the sofa in a boxing day haze.

Get Un-Fattied Along with Us

None of us are really in the shape we'd like to be. (And you just shut right up if you are.) But we're all in this together. Fitmodo is the lot of us publicly declaring that we will not go quietly into the pudding. Every week, Mat Honan posts his progress, and you can share your own in the Fitmodo forum. Human pudding slug that I am, I'm on board. You should be too.

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