GMT Watch Puts The Whole World On Your Wrist

Those world time zone watches that let you know when it's inappropriate to call someone on the other side of the planet just got a lot easier to read with Greubel Forsey's new GMT, which manages to squeeze a 3d spinning miniature globe under its glass.

The watch is crammed full of mechanical eye candy, including a visible tourbillon movement and a world time disc on the back engraved with the names of cities around the world. But it's the 3D globe that will catch most people's eye. While painted blue to highlight the oceans, the globe is actually made of lightweight titanium so that it can be secured at just the south pole, making it more visible. It makes one complete counterclockwise rotation every 24 hours, matching the rotation of the Earth, and is surrounded by hour indicators split into white and black numbers indicating the daytime and night-time hemispheres.

On the left side of the GMT's case you'll also find a lateral window providing a more detailed look at the globe's southern hemisphere, which also serves to let more light in, simulating daytime across the miniature planet's surface. Details on pricing and availability haven't been released, but given the complicated movement and the gratuitous use of 18K gold, alligator leather and sapphire crystals, it will probably cost a couple thousand globe rotations worth of pay. [Greubel Forsey GMT via Hodinkee]

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