Best ADSL/Cable ISP Gizmodo Award Winners

Best ADSL/Cable ISP Gizmodo Award Winners

Broadband is the juice that keeps the modern internet flowing, but which ISP supplies the best juice? You’ve voted, and the winner is…

Reader’s Choice: TPG

This was close. Really, truly, nailbitingly close. TPG won the day with a total of 25.19 per cent, only marginally ahead of Internode with 24.03 per cent, ahead of iiNet with 21.71 per cent. Even fourth-placed Telstra was a close contender with 20.54 per cent.

Editor’s Choice: iiNet

Broadband provisioning is undoubtedly a deeply personal thing, but I’m awarding the editor’s choice gong to iiNet, who brought a lot to the local ISP scene in 2011, from staring down AFACT over copyright laws in a very consumer-facing way to some genuinely aggressive NBN pricing as well as keen general plans with good free content zones, especially if you’re a heavy user of ABC iView or Microsoft Xbox Live.