Firefox 8 Adds Twitter Search, Clamps Down On Add-Ons

Firefox 8 is now officially available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The light new version incorporates native Twitter search along with several other tweaks — including a cold shoulder towards third-party add-ons.

The new version of Firefox was discovered on Mozilla's FTP servers yesterday and has now been officially released. Twitter has been added to the third-party search options for desktop users. Firefox has also added the ability to load tabs on demand, so that when your browser crashes you can restore a tab-riddled window but only reload tabs when and if you need them. Firefox has also disabled add-ons installed by third parties. Now if you install an application to your computer and it wants to install an add-on to Firefox, you must manually enable it. Android users will now be able to use a single "master password" which will block unauthorised users from accessing all of the passwords stored on your computer. [Mozilla Blog via Cult of Mac]

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