Daily Desired: Recreated Eames Fibreglass Chair

Originally designed as inexpensive furniture after WWII, Eames Pressed fibreglass Chairs are still made today — only now they're made of eco-friendly polypropylene. Boo. Then the original was recreated from scratch. Think of it as the impossible project for classic furniture.

You could buy an "Eames Moulded Plastic Chair" from Herman Miller for $US250 a pop, or you could buy the real thing. The LA-based furniture company Modernica bought the original presses used to make the stackable chairs and reverse engineered the manufacturing process. Luckily, they had a little help from Sol Fingerhut, the craftsman who invented high-pressure fibreglass moulding and was contracted to make the chairs in the first place. Unfortunately, Modernica is sold out of the last run of the chairs, but production will begin at a new facility soon. [Modernica via Apartment Therapy]

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