Bose Lifestyle 135: A Room Of Sound, One Visible Speaker

Bose Lifestyle 135: A Room Of Sound, One Visible Speaker

Setting up a home theatre used to be hard work. It used to involve professional installers, metres of cabling and hours of working out where to plug in your different devices. But those days are gone with the Bose Lifestyle 135.

Offering uncompromised audio quality in a single 1.1 solution, Bose has developed a series of patented technologies to create one of the most advanced soundbars on the market. By leveraging its advanced PhaseGuide array and TrueSpace technologies, Bose is able to deliver wide, sweeping audio from a single visible speaker.

Great Sound Without The Hassle

With an emphasis on simplicity, Bose’s Lifestyle 135 is friendly enough for anybody to install, let alone use. The Unify intelligent integration system holds the users’ hand as they connect the different elements of their home theatre setup, with the Lifestyle system recommending the best connectors using on-screen messages, and then confirming when the connections have been made correctly.

There’s no fiddling with pesky menus to discover different components – the Lifestyle 135 intelligently knows when you’ve connected a Blu-ray player to the device. When selecting which input to watch, it will only show you devices that are plugged in, rather than making you cycle through every connection on the back. The Unify technology on board will even let the Lifestyle system control your different devices using the Bose RF remote.

A single HDMI cable connects the soundbar to the control console, but more impressive is the fact that the tiny Acoustimass subwoofer connects to the system wirelessly, allowing you to place it away out of sight while still enjoying the rich, deep bass it delivers from its deceptively small body.

Once the system is plugged in and the sources are connected, Bose’s AdaptiQ calibration system intelligently analyses the dimensions of your room, including things like furniture that absorb sound, and intelligently adjusts the speaker’s output to best deliver surround sound to everybody.

Bose Lifestyle 135: A Room Of Sound, One Visible Speaker

The soundbar itself comes with one more big surprise. While it can be wall mounted like traditional soundbars, delivering immersive sound by pushing sound forward towards the listener, the advanced technologies introduced by Bose in this system allows it to be laid on a cabinet, flat on its back, and still deliver a truly breathtaking surround sound experience for an entire room.

Scalable Options

The groundbreaking Bose Soundbar solution is available in two options. Firstly, the Cinemate 1 SR, which includes the slim speaker unit and the Acoustimass subwoofer module, is available to users just wanting to boost the sound quality of their current home theatre setup.

For users who want a more immersive experience, the Lifestyle 135 includes a control console for connecting up to six different devices, including four HDMI connections and two HD audio ports. It also bundles in an iPod dock and can handle 3D video playback.

For $3,699 including GST, the Lifestyle 135 system is a groundbreaking piece of technology capable of turning any room into an immersive home theatre, without messy cables or complicated setups. [Bose Australia]