Biking Through New York City In 5 Minutes

New York City's Broadway is the oldest north to south street in NYC and one of the most famous streets in the entire world. It's also a street that shows the stark differences that exist in NYC only a few blocks away. This time lapse video shows you those differences.

BuzzFeed recorded a time-lapse video that covered 20km of Broadway starting from Inwood on the north end of Manhattan to Bowling Green on the very south. Though the video moves at a very, very fast pace, you can still spot the differences between neighbourhoods. From the low buildings in the north to the green and peacefulness of the Upper West Side to the larger than life advertisements of Times Square to the manicured parks that decorate the concrete jungle to the mass of people in SoHo and fittingly, to Occupy Wall Street and beyond — a 20km stretch on one single street that shows multiple sides of the greatest city in the world*.

*I know, I know. You guys don't agree with me.

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