Best Camera: Gizmodo Awards 2011 Winners

Best Camera: Gizmodo Awards 2011 Winners

2011 saw plenty of compact, micro four thirds and DSLR contenders, but which one was best? You’ve voted, and the winner is…

Reader’s Choice: Olympus PEN-EP3

It started out a close race between Olympus’ PEN-EP3 and Canon’s EOS 600D, but Olympus’ Micro Four Thirds camera stretched its lead towards the end, with 25.5 per cent of the vote. Coming in second was the Fujifilm X100 with 15.1 per cent of the vote, while the 600D dropped to fourth behind the Powershot G12.

Editor’s Choice: EOS 600D

Canon’s EOS 600D offered an excellent range of modes for those stepping up to a full DSLR model; while it’s nowhere near the best DSLR in Canon’s range it’s a really solid camera option.