Audio-Technica's Newest Products Are The Champagne Of Gear

Audio-Technica makes lots of sophisticated audio products that are totally affordable. And then there's this new array of gear. These two pairs of headphones with a matching headphone amp are total audio extravagance.

Of course Audio-Technica celebrates its birthday by producing a set of luxe products only the most die-hard of audiophiles would consider buying, but man is this stuff lovely. The ATH-W3000ANV over-ear headphones sport 53mm drivers cherry wood cups and lambskin pads. The ATH-CKW1000ANV in-ear headphones are made of a vibration-reducing combination of wood and titanium. Both of these are rated to a frequency response way beyond your average products — and way beyond what most of us could hear anyway. The AT-HA5000ANV amp is specifically designed to drive the headphones. All of the products have celebratory 50th anniversary detailing.

File all of this sonic sweetness under crazy products you can see but can't touch since they're all limited edition and very expensive. The in-ears will run you $US649, the headphones $US1400, and the amp $US2900. If these are a little pricey for your budget, Audio-Technica makes a ton of excellent cans for under $US100 — that's something really worth celebrating. [AudioCubes via The Awesomer]

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